Join the community

The idea behind translate5 is to build a community-based Open Source translation system.

A system companies can integrate and extend the way, they need it. A system not owned, developed and supported by competitors, but by Open Source companies and the community.

Options to join the community

Spread the word

What helps us most (or equal with funding and plug-in development) is to spread the word.

Talk with people about the idea of a community-based Open Source system in the translation industry. A system that has the backing of experienced Open Source companies and is free, open and based on a large community. Write about it on FB, LinkedIn, Twitter, ect.

Give us feedback / report issues

Tell us, what you think of translate5.

What should be improved? Where is a bug? Which feature would you like to see?

Write us at or commit your issues directly to translate5 JIRA.

Fund features

That's the way most of translate5's current feature set has been able to develop. You use or want to use translate5 and need some new functionality?

Write us at Most new features are developed as plug-in's - so every user can choose, if he/she wants to use it.

Contribute to documentation

You think, translate5's documentation for users, administrators or developers should be improved?

Create yourself an account at and start writing. In case of any questions: Contact us.

Develop plug-in's

You need some new functionality and want to develop it yourself?

Write a translate5 plug-in. Most of the new features can and should be written as plug-in's.

This enables you to extend translate5 without needing to change the core and thus makes it much more easy to keep updating translate5. It also enables users to easily (de)activate features according to their needs.

And: Contribute to the community and publish your plug-in at translate5's plug-in space.

Feel free to contact usfor support or for giving you the publicity you deserve, when contributing a plug-in.

Contribute to core development

translate5 is relied on by LSPs in their daily business. Thus to ensure quality, the master of translate5's core repository is only writeable for very few people.

If you want to contribute to translate5's core - please contact us and we find the best way to do it.

Permanent funding

So far most of translate5 has been developed supported by funding dedicated to distinct features.

Yet to develop translate5 into the envisioned system for the community, often developments are needed, that do not get enough attraction of users to fund them directly.

translate5 is professional software, written during working time of software professionals.

So to make the system a complete one, the best you can do for translate5 is to support it permanently with a certain amount. This gives us the possibility to do what needs to be done for the sake of the software and the community.

And: We are completely transparent to our contributors, for what the money is used. Contact us!